... on being an artist / notes to oneself

-what you do is create 'objects'. You don't need to know what they are. But they have to have a reason to exist.

-colour is a material, like wood

-works are composed not of colour on wood but of colour and wood

-Reduce. Due to your Maltese background, you have an impulse is to add. Reduce.

-If you are not enjoying it and can't wait to finish it, then it won't work.

-When the environment is too noisy, move away and find silence and tranquility.

-Do not fill the world with clutter. Each object that you create has to have a value by having presence.

-It might be that the more time passes, the more you have to edit during the working process.

-Put all your energy into instilling 'presence' in the object that you are creating.

-Either it's all in or don't bother at all.

-If you are not envisioning your next work it is because you are still finishing the current one. You conceive one work at a time.

-Explaining through language can be a distraction. Not always, but it can.

-Going to ironmongers, haberdasheries can trigger ideas (especially if you are short of material). But be careful not to be overwhelmed by the quantity of material.

-Jackson Pollock - " I am nature".

-Being a human being, is a good enough reason to create.

-Do not constrain your work to pre-established dimensions. It has to be the other way round.