... on the unkown

To make what is invisible, visible. To make known what is unknown. I cannot live with the unknown. My mind wants to know everything. But it cannot. It is not done because I am limited, as human I can’t do anything else, I have to limit my making to the material. It is desperate and quite pathetic. I know there is more, we humans know there is more, we have the desire to know more, and we think we have the ability, we are in a lifelong struggle to know more, we think we are getting nearer to the missing bit that would explain everything, but we do not get to it. We wish that the universe if looking at us doing this. But the universe has no conscious. That is terrifying.
We give a human form to everything, because we are so limited in our imagination, so terrified… terrified that we are alone. There has to be something out there that comprehends us that looks like us at the least. The universe is not human, it is nothing, it doesn’t see us, it cannot see us, it has no conscious and even is it had, we would be, we are just a speck to it.