… on boundaries, the 'Thing' and material

Lines move out of the picture plane, the vertical ones keep going upwards, the horizontal ones keep extending, both towards infinity.

My work is part of a larger thing, a ‘Thing’. This ‘Thing’, I cannot explain, but it is barely a glimpse of something infinite, something so huge that a human being cannot comprehend.

The constraints of the materials I use, force me to set boundaries. I try never to show where the boundaries are because I do not know here they are. They move towards infinity. I don’t know precisely what shape the boundaries which I have to create (because of the constraints of the material) should take. A square, a rectangle, a shape that tries to become a form but cannot because a cube on a flat surface is really a few diagonal lines placed on a flat surface. It tries to come out but it cannot. We deceive ourselves by seeing it as three-dimensional. It is perspective, just a method to trick the eye into thinking that something has depth, that it has more to it than it really has. The play with perspective, the play with 3D or 2D takes place because I am limited. I have to work with material, wood, paper, thread to make what is invisible, visible. At times, it is frustrating when I have to limit myself to the limits of what the wood, the paper, the thread can do. It is a process to turn what is invisible into the visible. It actually never happens because ultimately it is the constraints of the materials, I am working with that decides how the work should be. I am just the maker. I don’t use my hands but rather my hands are used by this ‘Thing’ that wants to be made.